Booster Club By-Laws


Article I:  Name

This organization shall be known as the Saucon Valley Soccer Booster Club.


Article II:  Purpose

The purpose of the organization is to support and promote Saucon Valley Middle School, and Boy’s High School soccer.


Article III:  Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the organization is April 1 through March 31 of each year.

Article IV:  Officers

1.     The organization shall consist of the following officers:  President, Vice President,

Secretary, Treasurer, and a member at large.

2.     Elected officers shall be nominated and voted upon during the October general membership meeting.  Election is by simple majority of the membership present.  New officers shall be commissioned during the November general membership meeting.  Duties shall commence at the general membership meeting in December.


Article V:  Duties of the Officers

1.     President – The president shall preside at all meetings.  The president shall have the

power to enforce all provisions of the by-laws and all other rules and regulations

passed by a majority of the membership in attendance.

2.     Vice President – In the event the president cannot attend a meeting, the vice

president shall preside shall preside with the same power.

3.     Secretary – The secretary shall keep accurate records of the proceedings of the

meetings, and attend to all correspondence pertaining to the organization.  The

secretary shall maintain all meeting minutes as permanent records.

4.     Treasurer – The treasurer shall maintain a bank account(s) for all organization funds.

The treasurer shall give a financial report at each meeting.  The treasurer signs all

organization checks.

5.     Member-at-Large – The Member-at-Large is a voting officer who shall be

responsible for maintaining accurate membership records.  The Member-at-Large

shall also perform duties for the good of the organization as assigned by the




Article VI:  Executive Committee

The executive committee shall be comprised of duly elected officers of the organization who meet once per month, separate from the membership meeting, to:

1.          Consider routine issues that are not covered by these by-laws that may arise in day-to-day operation of the organization.

2.          Approve all expenditures up to and including $500.

3.          Interpret these by-laws; establish rules of conduct following Robert’s Rules of Order.

The executive committee must have a quorum of three or more members to vote on issues.


Article VII:  Appointed Positions

During its April meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint individuals to the following positions, which shall remain in effect until the end of the current fiscal year of the organization:

1.          Representative to the Saucon Valley School Board

2.          Representative to the Saucon Valley Booster Club

3.          Liaison to the Saucon Valley High School Athletic Director

4.          Fund Raising Chairperson

5.          Annual Banquet Chairperson

6.          Snack Bar Chairperson

7.          Red and Black Game Chairperson

8.          SVSL Field Day Chairperson


Article VIII:  Membership in the Organization

1.          Membership – Membership in the organization shall be open to parents of

middle school soccer players, parents of boy’s high school soccer players,

and soccer fans.  Evidence of membership shall be a membership card issued

for the current fiscal year by the organization.  Membership fee shall be at a

rate reviewed and established annually by the Executive Committee.


2.          Voting Rights – Not all members shall have the ability to vote for officers

and other issues that may come before the membership for consideration.

Those members authorized to vote are:  parents of middle school soccer players, parents of boy’s high school soccer players, members who are not parents of a current soccer player at any level but reside within the geographical boundaries of the Saucon Valley School District, and graduated alumni of public and private schools situated within the geographical boundaries of the Saucon Valley School District who currently reside outside of the school district.


Article IX:  Meetings

General membership meetings shall occur the 4th Thursday of every month unless the date conflicts with a holiday in which case the meeting will be moved to the 4th Tuesday of the month. A quorum of three Executive Board members must be present to call to order the general membership meetings of the organization.



Article X:  Insurance

1.          The organization shall maintain the following insurance policies: Treasurer’s Bond.

2.          The policies shall be acquired and maintained in the name of the organization

3.          The insurance agent and cost of the policies shall be considered and approved

by the Executive Committee.


Article XI:  Audit of Treasurer’s Records

A three-member committee appointed by the Executive Committee shall conduct an annual audit if the treasurer’s report.


Article XII:  Amendments


To be adopted, proposed amendments to the bylaws require submission in writing during a general membership meeting, and then a favorable majority vote by those present during a succeeding meeting.  Proposed amendments shall be publicized prior to the vote to adopt them.



Article XII:  Disbandment

Should the organization ever disband, all monies and properties accumulated by the organization shall be held by the officers for a period of one year.  If the organization is not re-organized within this time, the disbursement of all monies and properties to an appropriate not-for-profit soccer or related organization shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

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