Shooting & Passing


-You must have the attitude to want to take a shot when it presents

-Aim at the far post

-Ball shot low are much harder for the keeper to reach b/c he must wait for gravity to lower his center of gravity.


NOTE: Most important is seeing a shooting chance when it is not obvious and watching the keeper’s positioning




-accurate contact on the ball

-follow through low at the target

-hips facing the target

-short, quick steps

-steady head

- for volleys: level follow thru to target; do not overstrike the ball




-contact on the ball is the first place to look for when diagnosing inaccuracy





-there are only two ways to pass to a teammate: to his feet (directly twrd him) or to space (meaning to the space in which he is running)

-Pass to space is the most desirable target fro passes b/c is achieves penetration. Best used when a receiver is tightly marked

-Passing to feet is used when a receiver is not tightly marked.




-when passing to feet in the attacking 3rd, the foot of the receiver you pass the ball to is crucial. Pass to the foot away from the defender.


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