Team Rules

I. General Rules
a. All players must ride the bus unless a coach is contacted by the AD and the AD has a written note and reason (school rules)
b. Be one time for practices and bus rides
c. The coaching staff will not tolerate drugs and alcohol. If a player puts themselves in that situation in season, we will either remove them from the team or refuse to play them the rest of the year.

II. Practices
a. Be on time to practices; they start at 3:30 during the year and end at 5:30
b. You have no excuse to not be at practice on time and ready to play.
c. Preseason runs from 2:30-8:30 with an half hour for dinner.
d. If you miss practice you will not play in the following game or games until you attend a practice unless it is determined otherwise.
e. Playing another sport is not a valid excuse for missing practice and you will be required to attend, but not play in, the game that follows those practices.

III. Games
a. Be aware of the schedule and departure times.
b. If a player misses the game bus, we leave without him.
c. If a player skips a game, they will be removed from the team.
d. JV is present and respectful on the bench during the V game and V is present and respectful on the bench during the JV game. No exceptions; please be prepared to do the same for night games.

IV. Discipline
a. If your son is not doing well academically, he should notify a coach before the school does. PIAA states that you cannot play if you are failing 2 classes; We would prefer that our players don’t fail any classes.
b. We hold the right to mandate that a player attend daily block 5s in room 302 if they are doing poorly in school.
c. Problems with a player’s attitude, work ethic, grades, or classroom behavior will be handled on a case by case basis and my staff will determine the appropriate course and length of action and potential removal from the squad.
d. Soccer players should be the smartest, most well-behaved, and self-disciplined athletes at Saucon!

V. Issues
a. All issues should be handled after a practice.
b. Players should contact me or another coach prior to parental contact. Encourage them to contact a coach if they inform you of an issue. They should ask to speak with one of us off to the side during a break.
c. Parents can contact any coach via email or after practice.
d. The entire coaching staff is unified and we communicate outside of practice regularly in and out of season. If a specific coach is addressed with a problem, it may be handled by another coach who will essentially speak for my entire staff.
e. Playing time-
i. JV is developmental and generally everyone plays who earns playing time based on maximum effort at practice. We need to increase the intensity of the players at practices this year on both squads.
ii. Varsity is about success and winning which is why varsity level teams can qualify for leagues, districts, and states. Playing time is earned based on ability, effort, and attitude..
iii. We try to use reserves and feel that strong depth leads to prolonged success.
iv. If there is a playing time issue, it should be a concern of the player first, and we would expect first contact to come from the player.

VI. General Philosophy
a. Understandably, parents are advocates for their children and want them to succeed individually.
b. However, keep in mind, coaches are advocates for the program and want the players to succeed as a team.
c. Fun is a byproduct of winning and winning is a byproduct of hard work. We will have fun if we work hard.

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